• Grateful Chalkboard

    Gratitude Wall

    May 30th, 2012 | Formation, Gratitude, Reflect | Solidarity Staff | 39 Comments

      At Solidarity we have discovered how important it is to stop and reflect on how fortunate we are to receive those little moments of love from God.  In our society, everything is happening so fast that it makes it tough to really pause and take notice of what God is doing in our lives.  […]

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  • Solid Street Prints: A 2nd Chance To Give

    Solid Street Prints: A 2nd Chance To Give

    July 31st, 2015 | Uncategorized | Solidarity Staff | No Comments

    Thank you for your support We were definitely disappointed that we did not hit our $13,000 goal for the Solid Street Prints’ (SSP’s) Kickstarter. The staff were praying and asking for God to bless this fundraising campaign, but it just did not work out the way we were hoping. Yet we realize that God is […]

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